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I have a secret to tell you. Many sports agents are lawyers - Scott Boras, Arn Tellum, Ben Dogra — but it is not a prerequisite or a mandate for success and here is why:. As a sports agent, your primary concern is to take care of your clients business and personal affairs. Sure there are intricacies, but the over-arching theme of being a sports agent is caring for your client, whether that be through marketing, branding, endorsements or public relations. Heck, you may be booking their hotel for an off-season autograph signing at a grocery store opening in their hometown.

They require the skills we teach in our Athlete Management course , like recruiting, negotiating, marketing, endorsements, and regulations. Well, as an agent, you are able to research comparable athletes and their contracts, use data analytics and work with your client to know what they want and expect. Were they paying attention? Or were they not?

Do they care enough about their own improvement to really listen to me? Having been Coaching now for many years, Roberto is excellent, very organized, attention to detail, every session is different and has a purpose, great at progression in training. Proven track record as his work is showing in leaps and bounds. Jas Dhaliwal is now playing amazing at Rogers State University, Evan Zizek will be an impact goalkeeper one year from now and his work is showing as he has been a standout for us at recent matches vs.

We now have 4 Goalkeepers in our academy program and they are all doing so well. Goalkeepers are the most important player on the field and at our academy we have the best Goalkeeper Coach in Canada Roberto Carranza who specializes and trains our goalkeepers three times a week. We invest much time and effort and finances into our goalkeepers and with Roberto at the helm we have had much success and the future looks so bright for our Goalkeepers of the Future!

Bobby Graham - Academy Director — —— www. I look forward to having David as an ambassador of our soccer academy, we want to have high standards and David brings that as well as such an amazing passion for the game that we both share. Las Vegas NV.

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  • The U.S. women's soccer team deserves better, but mandating equal pay isn't the answer..

Jakovic is eligible to play for Lights FC immediately. We couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this team right now. Born in Karlovac, Croatia, Dejan moved to Toronto when he was six years old.

After being a part of the Canadian National Youth Program, he enrolled in the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he played his full collegiate eligibility of four years. United, playing with the club during 5 seasons where he played in a total of 98 MLS games. League Japanese top tier professional league where he was a part of their roster for 3 years. He was featured in a total of 15 league matches with Los Angeles, including 13 as a starter. LAFC re-signed him on January 16, I'm going to bring leadership and hopefully not concede any goals.

We need to be compact, not just defensively in the back four, but the whole team. Jakovic's arrival strengthens the center back position for Las Vegas, joining Javan Torre and Gabe Robinson who have been starters for the team in that position for 13 and 12 USL Championship games, respectively. Open Cup contests. United , and Red Star Belgrade I hope all of you had a good Easter weekend.

Excited to see our academy tonight and will be great to get outdoor this weekend on the turf and we will start on our outdoor on the grass fields at Concord Fields the week of May 6th. One of our boys is up for the Lieutenant Governor Athletic Award. Please help and go online and vote for him. He was chosen best player in Canada by the U-Sports last year as well he is an excellent person Jace Kotsopoulos and he is a Winstars Player.

Great weekend, could not have scripted it better! Hotels were good. Big thanks to Belrum our Coach who did a great job, thanks to our Coach Bus Driver Tom who did a great job and big thanks to Jimmy who does a great job. Performance was real good, could not have got a better effort from Players and attitude and conduct was also very good.

Also thanks to our parents who made the trip and that is really good as they see the level of D1 as well as the quality of schools at the D1 Level. Both games, in the first half we were not scored on in first half. See you all Wednesday night at training.


Bobby Graham — Academy Director — www. Click on picture to enlarge. Presenting our academy player Ben Williams with an award. Bryant University and our academy together after the game on Saturday Click on photo to enlarge. It was real special to have two of our former players who are now Professional Players come and join us at our recent Showcase Banquet.

It was amazing how their presence was so important to our future academy players. Player Showcase Booklet Download. Showcase Player Photo Roster List. Ben scores another goal, and being in the right place at the right time and not a surprise with his head. Winstars vs Bridgewater College on Saturday August 26th. Winstars vs Philadelphia Union on Wednesday August 29th.

The goal of your own training program is to assist you to get the most of your athletic ability so you can succeed on the soccer field. Improving your Strenghth and Endurance are the foundation for training and competing at the Elite level. Your dedication will be easily noted with your progress in our fitness testing, fitness training and team training sessions.

The length of your training sessions will depend on how carefully you follow the work to rest ratio and your specific volume of training program.


When we are on the tour, always have a bottle of water with you at all times. Warm-up 1 commit yourself to quality and effective warmup 2 The intensity and technique should be optimal to prepare you both physiologically and psychologically for your workout.

5 Essential Passing Drills For Soccer Players

Speed development — 1 Technique is a priority, learn it and do it well. Do not rush thru the exercises.

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Strength Training — 1 following full warmup 2 each exercise performed in the full range of motion. Core Training — 1 The abdominal muscles are almost entirely slow-twitch in nature. This means they respond very well to slow and controlled movements. Aerobic training — Aim to have the times of the intervals consistent. You will get the greatest benefit if you keep your pace strong and under control. Try and get faster towards the end of the workout.

Cool Down — 5 minute easy jog. Perform Static stretches for each muscle group, hold position for seconds. The stretch should feel like a slight tug and should not be painful. The role which recovering your body over a tough pre-season cannot be underestimated. The Example weekly layouts all prescribe recovery sessions three times per week.

Do You Need a Law Degree to Become a Sports Agent?

This is a minimum expectation. You should be recovering after every session, every day. As much as many dislike certain aspects of recovery because of the discomfort is places you under it cannot be stressed the advantages which are seen when athletes complete correct recovery techniques. The easiest way to look at this is the Ice Bath should be come your best mate for minutes each day. Training hard yet failing to recovery, is filing your body in its ability to adapt and improve to the imposed training stimulus.

Below is a list of recovery techniques you can look to implement into your training program:. Rehydration: For each pound lost during exercise, 16 ounces of fluid should be consumed as soon as possible. A combination of water and sports drinks should be used to ensure that electrolytes and glucose fast-absorbing carbohydrate are also being ingested. Another strategy for assessing hydration status is to monitor urine color and output.