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Who would have thought starting at Mystery Bay Primary would be so dangerous? As the skies filled with smoke, the flames rose higher and Mystery Cove succumbed to the fires, Ethan was forced to confront the truth about himself. People either do something, or they do nothing. Would he pass the test? In this volume, good and evil come together with a clash, as Ethan and Stephanie desperately search the Truth Codex for answers. Whose side will they choose in the great battle for this world? The smoke had barely cleared when Mystery Cove faced another crisis.

Animals were disappearing from the national park and Jem was talking about smugglers. As the trail heated up, Ethan had to consider—was it the work of traffickers, or an old enemy returned? Closer to home the Hunter gang was in danger of splitting up. As the Island yields up one last secret, the Hunter kids learn the true meaning of loyalty, grace and forgiveness, and discover the greatest treasure of all, one bound to change their lives forever. Amanda Bews gets that and has turned her brilliant imagination to the task of creating a tale of discovery both fun and enlightening. I literally could not stop reading.

As an educator who works with children, I am certain The Hunter Chronicles Series will be an absolute hit with readers. Finally, a series that infuses biblical principles through narrative that children will be transfixed by.

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An ingenious way to share Biblical principles with junior aged children. Bews and Knight have come together to deliver the first instalment in what will surely prove to be an exciting and intriguing story and study masterpiece. First Name. Last Name. Shipping Address. Sere has plenty of other explanations to choose from. There are the lost souls of the damned that Marjory Laroque cast into hell in her attempt to raise a new devil. Monster by Karen Diem:. Never one to sit still, the sometime superhero and reluctant tax preparer will do whatever it takes to find him.

Even if the undead and line dances make her skin crawl. She needs to get her mask on and solve this fast—before things go from bad to hearse. Monster is the fourth book in the Arca superhero urban fantasy series and includes immoderate language, lame sexual innuendo, and comic book violence. He needs to deal with his grief issues, residual anxiety from everything that happened to him in the last two books, and a blossoming substance problem. Which include more pliosaurs, explosions, avalanches, crowds, true love, assault, battery … the usual.

Blind into the Breach by Timothy Ellis:. As a fighter pilot on the old Ark Royal, on the very day all his wishes came true, fate took them away again. But the Imperium only has a small number of fighter pilots, with nearly half being rookies without a combat launch to their names. And half of the veterans are flying a brand new untested carrier based fighter.

How do you keep an outnumbered force of veterans and rookies alive, when the enemy has a new weapon no-one knows anything about? Liberation by Rachel Ford:. From the frozen prison planets to the glistening streets of Central, corruption and cruelty is tearing the Tribari Empire apart. Four unlikely heroes find themselves on a collision course as they work to save their worlds. He should have been more careful.

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To survive in Yngil-wode, the taxman must rely on a mysterious band of outlaws and tax thieves. But he risks getting drawn into a war with a tyrant. He risks sacrificing every principle he holds sacred. How far will a man of the law go to save his own neck? How far will he go to save the woman he loves? Red Crystal Desert by Patty Jansen:. Cory and his association finally return to Asto on the invitation of his father-in-law, for his official induction ceremony into the Domiri clan.

They are housed in a magnificent villa overlooking a valley, away from the hustle of cities or the military base. Is it for security? Is it because their host fears upsetting his household? With Thayu heavily pregnant, Cory has no appetite for adventures. But something is brewing, and listening bugs, a nightly attack and invasion are all part of the deal. Sam is convinced she has what it takes to become a fighter pilot… to hunt down and destroy the enemy in deep space.

Flip the Witch Switch by Amanda M. Bay Winchester and Landon Michaels are looking for a romantic outing, revisiting the past now that they know they met as children. That trip leads them to the camp they visited back in the day … and to a new adventure.

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That means their day off becomes an official investigation. Once identification comes through, Bay starts digging … and hard … to find out why a young woman writing a book would go missing in Hemlock Cove. The Winchester witches are in turmoil. Bay is on deck and has to figure it all out. Even then, with her team in place, she might not come out on the winning side. An alien invasion. A home-world destroyed. Can an embattled captain survive a daring fight to save the remnant of his colony? Incursion at Elea Station is the 17th standalone book in the epic Privateer Tales space opera saga.

A New Beginning by M. On a remote mining station, Nyalin hides a secret that would make her a hunted woman—she is a Crystal Keeper, a protector of a shard of the powerful Starfire crystal. However, when a strange shuttle falls through a portal near the mining station, she can no longer avoid her responsibilities.

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The human pilot, Vellin, is part of a research team that has developed gateways for instant travel anywhere in the universe without requiring a Starfire crystal, and he has been followed by an enemy through the portal. To stop dangerous forces from possessing the gateways to spread destruction, Nya must team up with Vel and risk exposing her secret.

In their race to destroy the gateways, they will find allies and enemies… and a new reason to worry.

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Conspiracy by Jenn Nixon:. Mari Yosoto has been keeping a dark and dangerous secret from everyone for the past three years. Instead of wallowing in misery, she stays busy, shuttling cargo to the Moon and back, enjoying the easy work and time alone. After trying and failing to find out what happened to her, Trevor makes the best of an odd situation, hoping he can remind Mari of their budding friendship and finally get some answers.

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Together with their newly formed ragtag team, Mari and Trevor team up and undertake a mission unlike anything either of them has faced before with life-altering and possibly deadly consequences. Condor Rising by Jaxon Reed:. The bad guys do what we expect bad guys to do. The story encourages us to visualize a future we cannot see, believe in it and work toward it. Problems are created and resolved. Readers are filled with empathy for those being wronged and disgust for those causing it. Escaping into this world of rabbits was a highlight of my Christmas season. I like to read a book with a pencil nearby so that I can mark especially well-written phrases and sentences.

There are MANY in this book. This novel is quite creative with unexpected twists and turns.

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We all loved it. Great talking points when read as a family: loyalty, honesty, trust, betrayal, bravery, empathy… I would recommend to fans of books like Mrs. Smith has done it again. A much shorter preamble to the beautiful and poignant book, The Green Ember , this is a true high adventure with great characters, suspense, monsters and chilling bravery. A really wonderful treasure.

I love how the characters develop and how quickly you become attached to them. I enjoyed this book for my own sake, but even more so for the sake of my kids. This is the sort of work that stirs their souls to love a good story, and to live a good story. The characters are great and the story is true to S. When it comes to books about talking animals it would seem that a new author has successfully taken up the mantle. Their adventure fills the pages of this slender book with so much excitement and tension that I found myself perched on a folding chair during the few minutes between art classes, frantically snacking with one hand and turning pages with the other.