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I purchased this book just few hours back and just to let the time pass I thought of reading it. I started with the prologue, thought of turning the page, kept repeating until I reached 64th page. I was actually lost in the beauty of the book. A beautiful book on loyalty, adventure, love, friendship.

All these which are hard to find in real life make us believe in it once again. Language is lucid with perfect phrases at a perfect twist. A beautiful plot. A beautiful worthy book for an amazing night. Overall ratings Nov 14, Cassia Tora rated it it was amazing. The title of this book literally lured me to plunge into the depths of the story. I'm especially fond of inspirational romance and this story has indeed come up with flying colours. This is a story about true love and friendship and emotions that are rare in real life. Characterisation has played an important role in the story.

The characters have been so well designed that they seem real.

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You can actually connect to them. The author's uncanny ability to keep his readers glued to the book till t The title of this book literally lured me to plunge into the depths of the story. The author's uncanny ability to keep his readers glued to the book till the end is indeed praiseworthy. The title is wonderful.

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The cover is beautiful. The theme is nice. The plot is well chosen. The blurb infuses an inspiration into the readers.

The language is artistic and lucid. The storyline is strong.. Cover - 4. There's nothing in this book that's not praiseworthy. A delightful read! Nov 19, Kshitij rated it liked it. When two lovers meet their lives change. Change may be positive or negative. Jesper and Sara had positive influence on each other whereas Arjun and Eva had mixed results. The book is just average and had so many pop psycology quotes in italics.

It breaks the flow and is irritating. Sometimes it is just plain regressive and sexist. How cheap does this sound? Money is overrated and this book reinforces this notion, see the passage below: So how do people like Virat and Elon become so irresistible all of a sudden? The answer is M-word! One should just take care of his M-word, and M-word takes care of the rest of the things. Nov 24, Vrushti Mehta rated it it was amazing. Arjun and Jesper are poles apart but are the best buddies.

Arjun falls in love with Eva, his classmate and a lonely girl who is deprived of love in past due to her politician father. Jesper, a guitarist and a lonely boy who spent his major part of life not knowing his parents whereabouts, starts loving Sara, a bartender. Arjun thinks if he get his love of his life he can achieve anything in this world.

Finding the good in goodbye — lessons my breakup taught me

Jesper thinks if he becomes a well known music director his life is settled. But destiny has something else for all these lives. Nov 15, Samridhi rated it liked it. The book ia a sensational emotional fiction which catches all the attention of reader as story continues.

Saying Goodbye to Someone Who Died - How to Say Good Bye

A beautiful plot and a suitable title. Some of the phrases are crisp and add the perfect twist. Then I came up with best of all — I turned myself into a wolf instead. I personally feel that the story ending for Eva should have been as bright and as strong that her character deserved.

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Wish you all the success. Nov 20, Shrikanth Venne rated it really liked it. Loved the story which is about 4 people Arjun, Eva, Sara and Jesper. It's a romantic novel where all having a bad past which surfaces when it is least expected. Every chapter was worth reading leaving those chapters wherein Arjun list downs his dos and don'ts which are too high fundoo and which was taking the book away from the story line. All other chapters were good and worth reading. Overall it is a good Goodread Jan 23, Rohan Shah rated it it was amazing.

All those who have hopes from must read this one!! Dec 16, John Trident rated it really liked it. Where's the good in a goodbye! What if the choices you make lead to dire consequences? What if life is not as beautiful as it seems? The path we choose is what leads us to either happiness or sadness. What matt Where's the good in a goodbye! What matters more? Winning life or winning the world? Keeping this fact in mind the book is written beautifully which not only impresses the readers but also teaches them what it means to be a real human being.

Cover is beautiful, simple, subtle and well designed. Even the back cover containing the blurb has been designed in a professional manner. Title is simple, short and gives a deep meaning, the likes of which can be understood only by finishing the novel. Theme has many elements like love, freedom, pain, hurt, dejection, crime, injustice, judgement, humanity, insanity, suspense, thriller and many other aspects intervowen together into an amazing book.

The beautiful journey of their lives, their struggles in 4 different perspectives with fabulous narration is worth reading.

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Come on, grab it now Well now coming to the most interesting aspect of the book, i. This book goes in par with the foreign authors in terms of language which really a feather or two as an angelic impression on the book. The language styles incorporated are Texas brotherhood engrossed with Italian gestures, the various touches refines and takes in on a whole other level.

It's not just hard work, but research, patience, perseverance which leads to a marvelous book. I commend the author on this aspect.