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Along the Silk Road: A Journey of Global Exchange – Middle/High School

Student Code. Ok, Got it. Supporting Ideas with Evidence in Writing. Sort by. Filter Results clear all filters. Switching U. Lesson plan. This lesson combines students' knowledge of US geography and their creative writing skills in one fun activity! Ladder Graphic Organizer.

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Learn about story progression and story organization with this ladder graphic organizer. My Weather Prediction. This worksheet combines the five senses with the fun and interesting topic of weather predictions! In writing, supporting the main idea with details is a skill your child should learn early on. Your second grader will fill in the details about a best friend!

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Standing Up for Symbols. Students will show off their patriotism as they put their research and oral advocacy skills to the test in this history lesson. Papering the Plains States. Making inferences from texts about the Plains States, your students will learn how to read with a purpose! In this lesson, your students will practice important skills while developing knowledge of various states.

Middle Atlantic State Migration. In this lesson, your students will use guiding questions as a way to organize their thoughts about non-fiction reading. They will also gain an understanding of some of the factors that led to the colonization of the Middle Atlantic States. What do red envelopes, pomelos, and water narcissus flowers have in common?

They all bring good fortune during the Chinese New Year! In this lesson, students will write about someone to whom they would like to grant good fortune. Write a Persuasive Letter. Teach kindergarteners to be persuasive with their writing. This writing worksheet will help students practice writing a persuasive letter and gives them the opportunity to draw and write supporting details.

What is Fiction? One of the most popular genres is fiction. Learn what this genre is, who some of its most famous authors are, and try to write some yourself!

Strong and Supportive Details in Opinion Texts. Use this resource to give your students practice choosing strong, fact-based supporting details for an opinion in a persuasive text. Organize your Informational Essay: Health. This exercise is designed to give your students practice organizing facts and details in an informational essay or paragraph.

Ibn Battuta and His Adventure

Organize your Informational Essay: Classroom Rules. Glossary: Finding the Key Details.

Vocabulary Cards: Who are the Key Characters? Strong and Supportive Details in Informational Texts. Use this resource to give your students practice choosing strong, fact-based supporting details for a main idea. Glossary: Who are the Key Characters? Important Supporting Details: Cherokee. Use this resource with your students to practice picking out the most important details to support a main idea.

Students will read about an significant Native American tribe and determine the most important information in the text. Tell Me Why. This colorful worksheet will help kindergarteners develop ideas for persuasive writing about their favorite desserts. The worksheet includes prompts like "I think" and "it is the best because. Ibn Battuta. Students will share Ibn Battuta's adventures with this fun reading comprehension and writing worksheet. Supporting Opinions. Get ready to voice your opinion! This three-part series will strengthen kids' writing organization and their confidence.

Organize your Informational Essay: Pets. Convince Me: Sports. This sports-themed worksheet is bound to rally up your kindergarteners' opinions. With this persuasive writing worksheet, your students will write about their favorite sports. Make a Claim. Help your students review how develop a claim and support that claim with evidence. A claim is an opinion about a story that you can support with evidence. Choose an Account to Log In Google accounts. Facebook accounts. Sign in with Facebook. You've certainly discovered many of the mysteries, intrigues, and realities of life in that remote part of the world—and you're now armed with plenty of good reasons why someone might want to visit there.

Now it's time to convince the producers of Globe Trekkers to film an episode there.

Activity 1. Assessment of Lessons 1–7

Hope you've saved all the notes and pictures you've taken as well as the essays you wrote on your adventure. Your final task is to create a large poster exhibit in which you highlight—through image and written word—the most interesting aspects of each topic you've investigated—i. Use colorful language and any strategy you can think of to grab the attention of the viewer. Remember, you're selling your idea! Once you've completed the visual part of your presentation, start practicing your speech. When you're all set, make your presentation to your classmates, who will dutifully carry out the role of the Globe Trekker producers.

Good luck! Skip to main content. Lesson Plan. Photo caption.

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