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Maybe God created it that way to amuse himself. If everything was peace and happiness all the time, it would be too boring. The product of blind accidental evolution or designed for a purpose, to find warm furry tasty little meals in the dark?

Tasty Trinkets: Polymer Clay Food Jewellery

If someone can show me evidence that a supreme being exists who is interested in the minutiae of our lives, including what we do with our genitalia and with whom, while allowing 9 million children to die every year before they reach the age of 5, I would be happy to look at it. My absolute favorite of your comments is this…. Your problem with this is not that it absolutely fails to disprove evolution, because the validity of evolution is not predicated on how complex organisms can become.

Your problem is that it disproves the very book the bible I assume you are trying to defend. By all means look up Genesis which describes how all living things were created as vegetarians , and explain to me how God originally designed and made the pit viper with sophisticated infra-red technology for deployment in seeking and hunting down… what, warm turnips?

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The intelligent design argument has been repeatedly overturned time and again through logic, reason, and our growing understanding of how the natural order works. If an organism needs a certain attribute in order to survive in its environment it can and will evolve that attribute through successive generations given vast amounts of time and the right combination of mutations. This comment is completely without foundation and easily disproved. Watch the video clip below from …. Evolution stopped being open for debate a long time ago.

It is scientific fact, and observable in the world around us.

Which "Trinkets" Character Are You?

If you can disprove it, this would be a major scientific breakthrough! But the fact that nobody CAN disprove it, only take pot shots at it from ignorance that is largely imposed on them by religion, should speak volumes.

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Yes I guess my comment was a bit off topic so I apologize for that. I was saying that it is possible that the world was created just the way it is , evil and all. The issue of the evil in the world precluding a loving God and the validity of evolution as actual confirmed science are two completely different subjects, which you seem intent on merging together. To allow such carnage, a God would need to be either impotent or indifferent. As far as I can see, yes,the evil and injustice in the world does preclude a loving God.

There is no moral argument that can justify it, especially the JW and bible version of it being because a talking snake convinced a stupid woman to eat a piece of fruit. Having looked at the issue carefully and objectively, as someone who is scientifically literate, the theory of evolution simply does not explain how we got here satisfactorily either so we are left with the question, Were we created by some intelligence and if so, for what purpose?

The theory of evolution DOES satisfactorily explain how all present forms of life have evolved over millions of years. Abiogenesis is another matter entirely, and anti-scientists who try to denigrate evolution are very fond of lumping the two together. Abiogenesis is NOT proven, answers are still being sought for how life might have arisen spontaneously, but we get nowhere by presupposing that the ONLY answer must be that life originated directly from a divine source simply because an ancient book tells us so.

Those are just clouds that find themselves in a particular formation. Obsessed much? Peculiar I am, gullible I am not. Not wanting to be a part of the organization itself is something else entirely. Do you need me to draw a diagram? As I explained, JWs believe Armageddon will strike at any moment, that time is of the essence, and that the preaching work is of the utmost urgency.

If the making of souvenirs were a personal thing undertaken by individual JWs under no instructions from Watchtower that would be one thing, but hopefully I have proved beyond reasonable doubt that this is not the case. Preferably the diagram would contain the measurements of the great pyramid and Pleiades constellation. I fail to see Cedars why you can post your own philisophical understanding by posting short clips of videos… without seeing the WHOLE video debate? Ken Ham and his creationist pseudo-science does not get equal time on a website that is dedicated to pointing people towards verifiable truth.

As I said earlier… if you have evidence to disprove evolution you can write it down, get it peer reviewed, and collect your Nobel prize. No way. Dear Cedars, the link i was posting was simply giving BOTH sides to the questions for anyone to evaluate themselves with their own critical thinking and free to agree or disagree in their own minds.

I thought this was a site to have free thinking, i was wrong! Thankyou all who have added to my Life and those i still continue to write to.

I will spend my time doing what i should be doing. God bless you all. Anyway, you ignored my warning, complained and threw your tantrum, so off you go. I will block you anyway since you have shown a willingness to spam us. This site is being used by some to push their own views, which of course they are entitled to. But most of us are simply here to be informed and to re affirm our reasons for wanting to break free from lies and deceit. I for one am not looking for another religion to follow or scientific idea, evolutionism etc etc.

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I am here because I was brain washed for twenty years, and still feel controlled by this organisation. Every little bit of information Cedars prepares and presents is ………setting me free. Please dont have a go at him. He is not interested in you following him. He is just able to reveal truth and lies to us. That is all. The end. What are YOU doing mmmmmmmmm. Having a peep, ooooooohhhhhhhh. Then ordering everyone off it.

Ahhhhhhhh flee to the mountains.

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This is what I have escaped. People telling me what I can and cant do, look at, even feel. Jehovah is watching yoooooooooo. John,you obviously believe very strongly in evolution, whereas I have come to a different conclusion, we are all entitled to believe what we choose to. Biblical creationists really do give the whole scientific concept of creation a bad name unfortunately. Thanks skywalker. You have been very civil despite me giving you a good roasting.

I apologize if I was unduly forthright. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, though abiogenesis is far from proven, evolution became proven and observable a long time ago. Unfortunately there are people well into this 21st Century who continue to rally against it for religious reasons, Watchtower included. Of course, if you or anyone else wish to present evidence that disproves evolution, you all have the JWsurvey email address on our contact page. On receipt of this evidence I will not only recant my heresy but make sure whoever sends the information gets their Nobel prize.

Folks, John is being balanced in his response. He removed my pro evolution comment with the same fairness as he removed some pro creationist comments. My last paragraph called on us all to concentrate on our shared goal of exposing the truth about the WTBTS. There are victims of child abuse, domestic abuse and cruel shunning that should be our concern.

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